Hamptons Long Island Hydroseeding and Landscaping Services


An alternative manually planting Grass Seed with a Seed Spreader or applying Sod, Hydroseeding is a process of mixing water, seed, fertilizer and a protective mulch together in a sprayer tank and then sprayed onto the ground. The process of spraying allows for seed to be applied in large areas at different angles.


A Green texture is what is seen after the Hydroseeding Application is performed. The mix of fertilizer and mulch are mixed with the grass seed and stay moist with water supplying the seeding application with ample water for a full steady growth.

Hydroseeding is the perfect solution for large properties that require a new lawn. The end result of Hydroseeding is comparable to Sod Grass but a fraction of the price.


We plant Trees, Bushes and Shrubs along with covering the areas planted with Mulch. We offer complete Landscaping Services, from lawn repair, to complete lawn restorations and replacement including seeding, overseeding, sod and hydroseeding as described above.

Landscaping Touch Ups to Complete Makeovers

Whether you have a small project you'd like to have performed, or a complete rip up and removal of old and dated patios, crumbling block walls, broken walkways and steps, overgrown bushes or have to deal with a lawn that is completely overrun by weeds, we can perform a complete makeover of your entire backyard or frontyard in a short period of time, and once done, you'll be proud of the work that you had us perform.

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